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Levitech Services is a ServiceNow® partner committed to delivering enterprise solutions.

As a leader in your organization, you face the daily challenge of reducing costs while providing competitive products and services. Enterprise technologists have the added pressure to scale for growth while dealing with growing backlogs, manual workflows, and regulatory compliance issues. At the same time, employees need to work from anywhere with compliant security protocols and consumer-like tools.

With the Now Platform®, you can automate and optimize IT service operations while moving forward to drive growth at scale, automate complex manual workflows, manage risk and resilience in real-time, and create seamless customer experiences.

Introducing ServiceNow Healthcare & Life Sciences Service Management

We are the first ServiceNow partner to build on the Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management (HCLS) data model.

HCLS Service Management provides critical digital health capabilities, including a patient 360-degree view, consent management, and digital documentation to better address healthcare services.

HCLS is available for download as part of the Rome release on the ServiceNow® store.

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