Customer Workflows

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM)

For every dollar you spend on customer engagement, you spend more on work that flows from customer service through the enterprise to resolve customer issues. ServiceNow empowers you to automate customer requests across middle and back-office teams on a single platform.

Customers contact you for service requests: address changes, license applications, onboarding, etc. Requests route to front-line staff, who work with siloed middle and back-office teams to fulfill these requests. Tracking issues is manual, slow, and error-prone, and customers have no visibility into status. You need to reduce volumes and resolution times!

Combining the power of Levitech Services with ServiceNow CSM ensures maximum value across the customer journey by connecting teams and extending workflows creating end-to-end process visibility while optimizing speed and efficiency.

Accelerate CSM connectivity with Integration Hub

Elevate customer experiences by connecting your critical business systems in minutes with no code, the fastest and most straightforward way to connect front, middle and back-office teams. We are automating manual processes to reduce repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on high-value work.

To accelerate time to value, reduce cost, and deliver integrations at scale, Gartner proposes that IT leaders implement SaaS-embedded packaged integrations for common use cases in major systems of record. IntegrationHub is the only integration solution embedded in the Now Platform and ServiceNow workflows for fastest time to value, lowest TCO, and ease of use with zero learning curve for all ServiceNow developers.

Integration Hub