IT Workflows

ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM)

With Levitech and ServiceNow, you can ditch your old, siloed IT tools and break down barriers between teams using a single IT platform for automation. Deliver resilient service experiences and improve IT efficiency and decision-making by harnessing a single view of services, operations, and development data.

Together, we can automate and optimize your IT service operations to revolutionize IT and drive productivity, delight employees, and self-heal from incidents with available native AI.

The ServiceNow ITSM cloud platform is a single system of engagement for Incident management, Change Management, and Problem Management. ITSM enables your team to solve issues fast and speed up innovation with maximum process efficiency and lower costs while increasing productivity.

Levitech architects and developers provide implementation and remediation services to maximize your ITSM investment.

According to Forrester, ServiceNow ITSM can drive:

33% faster incident resolution
20% improved IT efficiency
25-point increase in employee satisfaction

ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM)

In today’s disruptive technology landscape, you need agility to scale with accelerated growth while managing remote work, maintaining business continuity, and remaining resilient in the face of constant change.

The need to find cost-saving opportunities across your organization is also a key factor driving innovation and sustaining business growth. ITAM is a critical priority for technologists who recognize the quickest path to value (and savings) begins with asset visibility and control.

Lack of visibility drives up hardware and licensing costs, legacy applications are expensive to maintain, and legacy tools require costly integrations.

As a ServiceNow service provider for ITAM, it’s our job to ensure you know what assets you own, their location, users, frequency of use, configuration schedule, cost, and value. Implementing ITAM connects your enterprise with a single platform, provides end-to-end asset visibility and automation for the entire IT lifecycle with workflow.