Payer Workflows

Skyrocketing healthcare costs, consumer-grade service demands, the operational costs to administer benefits, and the need to improve payer-provider-patient interoperability are pushing payers to accelerate digital transformation across the enterprise.

With over 100 payers relying on ServiceNow to enable member, employee, and IT experiences, the platform provides a system of action and innovation over in-place core systems of record to minimize plan administration costs, boost compliance capabilities and increase CSAT and NPS.

Levitech Services has extensive experience in the healthcare payer technology market and is invested in building solution accelerators on the Now Platform. Our Claims Exception Workspace accelerator is the first payer product built on the Healthcare Life Sciences Core data model.

  • Cost reduction at scale
  • Compliance risk avoidance
  • Improved NPS + CSAT
  • Better associate experience

Claims Exception Workspace

The first payer accelerator built on the Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management Core.

Automation Roadmap

Automate manual processes across the healthcare payer ecosystem.