Automation Roadmap

When it comes to resolving health insurance issues, health plan members want answers to their questions quickly and get frustrated when they feel left in the dark. But agents and brokers don’t always have the complete picture—relevant information is often housed in different places across the organization.

The ServiceNow platform unites disparate systems, providing a single pane of glass with visibility into real-time information about issues and actions being taken.

Adding automation to cumbersome manual processes ensures that as soon as one team member completes an action, it triggers the next step and updates the system. Adding self-service portals into the mix allows members to directly access a current view of the latest information, eliminating the need for phone calls, mail, and email.

At Levitech, we are dedicated to automating manual processes across the healthcare payer ecosystem. Utilization Management, Prior Authorizations, and Appeals are just three of the payer processes with substantial manual workarounds happening outside of core systems.

  • On platform document intelligence
  • Agent assist integrated knowledge
  • Complex skill-based routing and approvals
  • Global performance analytics

Utilization Management Workarounds

The healthcare industry wastes $700 Billion every year on activities like inefficient care coordination, overspending on tests and procedures, and broken transaction processes between payers and providers.

Fixing broken transaction processes, like manual workarounds happening outside of your core systems, is one small part of reducing administrative waste.

Combining ServiceNow platform workflows with our expertise in healthcare systems, Levitech can automate the most challenging manual workflows across payers, providers, and patients.

Automate Prior Authorizations

In healthcare, the prior authorization process is one of the most challenging functions for both payers and providers. Frustrating, manual processes are the number one source of patient and provider dissatisfaction with health plans.

Automating the manual workflows between payer and provider systems will revolutionize the prior authorization process.

With ServiceNow workflows, agents, members, and providers can leverage self-service portals, SMS, or email to execute prior authorization requests. No more faxes. Fewer phone calls. Happier members.

  • 80% of prior authorizations require phone calls or faxes
  • 92% of authorization-related denials are preventable
  • 90% of care delays can be traced to prior authorization issues
  • $250mm estimated lifetime cost savings of implementing Enterprise Issue Management of a large payer
  • 26% turnaround time improvement for ops workflows at a large payer

Automate Appeals

If the prior authorization process is the most challenging function for both payers and providers, appeals are equally frustrating. When the provider or patient disputes a claim or prior authorization rejection, it kicks off another cross-enterprise operational workflow slowed down by manual processes happening outside of core systems.

With ServiceNow, automating manual operational workflows between providers, payers, members with enterprise issue management can improve turnaround times and drive down costs for payers.

With Levitech, our cross-functional automation workflows for the manual appeals processes provide visibility for both members and claims managers into the history and status of the appeal.

Digitizing all necessary documentation cuts the cord on faxing and phone calls, improving employee and member satisfaction.